Remi Landau - a Fashion Designer with a Unique Background

Fashion Designer Remi Landau

For the past several years, Remi Landau has been working in the fashion industry A designer in New York, she sketches items of clothing to include in her company’s new line of social nightwear. Since accepting this position, Remi Landau has compiled a portfolio of fashion sketches and designs that are made into samples for her company's upcoming lines. She also attends shows during New York Fashion Week each year to stay on top of developments in her field.

Ms. Landau began her career in fashion shortly after graduating from Syracuse University with a bachelor’s degree in sociology. While a student, she skillfully split her time between schoolwork, internships, and memberships in organizations such as the Sigma Delta Tau sorority and the Hillel Jewish Student Union.

In her internships, Ms. Landau worked in both the legal and entertainment industries. These positions helped her develop a wide range of skills, including the abilities to organize, collaborate in teams, and perform research. Ms. Landau leverages the knowledge she gained to design clothing items that appeal to individual tastes.